Wholesale/Ready to Label/Private Label


We sell wholesale to Brick and Mortar or Online Boutique/Store that sell a variety of products and brands. As well as to Spas, Boutiques, and Salons. 

Wholesale is not available for individual beauty brands.

You will sell Lu+Vi branded products. 

You will have access to all of our scents.

$250 minimum order first order. 5 per sku purchase minimum. $150 minimum for subsequent orders. 10% discount on all orders over $500. Contact us at wholesale@luandvi.com for pricing. 

Ready to Label

Our Ready to Label products are for any business that wants to brand their own Body Butters/Creams/Body Oil. We use our own proprietary formulations of our highly successful body butter, body creams, and body oils. 

Starting at 40 for $200 (Body Butter)(Your selling price $10+)

Starting at 40 for $225 (Body Cream) (Your selling price $12+)

Starting at 40 for $320 (Body Oil) (Your selling price $15+)

Let us know the type of scents you are interested in and we will send you samples to get you started. We can also use a scent of your choice provided it is body safe.

Formulation Services/Private label

We will develop a formulation for you to use for your products. You can purchase the formulation and then make your product yourself or we can make your product for you in ready to label jars/bottles. We will send you a list of fragrance vendors so that you can select your scent(s). Price for formulation is $300. A sample product is additional and depends on ingredients selected. Pricing for private labeling also varies depending on ingredients selected. However, pricing starts at what is listed above.