Elements 4 Men Beard and Body Bar (2 pack)

Elements 4 Men Beard and Body Bar (2 pack)

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Scent: Cool Water

Each bar is 6 oz!!

• Gently cleanses without drying
• Dissolves buildup and impurities
• Nurtures, invigorates and repairs

DIRECTIONS: Wet beard with warm water. Work to a lather and rinse. Squeeze excess water from beard using facecloth,  but do not dry thoroughly. Immediately apply 4-6 drops of beard oil to your palms. Rub together vigorously to warm the oil, and apply to a damp beard. Starting from your neck line work oil in an upward motion through your beard.  Apply a pea-sized amount of beard butter to your palm. Follow same technique as beard oil. This procedure seals in moisture, which helps  feed your beard and keep it hydrated througout the day. Comb or style beard as desired. 


*Note: Bars can be used head to toe. Using only on beard area does help the bars last longer.

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