About the Brand

Lu + Vi is a black woman owned company based in the Washington DC Area specializing in handcrafted bath, body, skin, and hair products. Everything is made by hand and countless hours have been spent perfecting each and every recipe and formulation. 

I've always been a product junkie. If it smelled good, had miraculous claims, and the packaging was pretty, I was buying it. My husband always jokes that I'm a marketer's dream! After my daughter Ava was born, I started to look more closely at the products that I was using on myself and her. They were full of ingredients that I couldn't pronounce and had to google. As I was researching ingredients, I started learning the benefits and qualities of different oils, butters, and herbs. I've always been a maker so I started developing my own products to use on myself and my daughter. What started as just hair oil eventually led to the product line we have today.


Why the name Lu + Vi???

The name LU + VI is very special as it's the names of both my paternal and maternal grandmothers, Luberta and Viola. Both of my grandmothers symbolize to me strength, faith, hard work, and family. Neither one of my grandmothers were what you call "quiet" women. They had a voice and they used it often! My products pay homage to them.