How to Use


Our soap is handcrafted using the cold process method. Because of this, your soap may behave slightly different that commercial soap. Many commercial soap contain synthetic detergents, surfactants, and hardeners which helps with the longevity of the soap. Our soap does not contain these additives. In order to increase the longevity of our soap you should dry your soap on a raised soap dish or shower rack and out of the way of running water. Dry soap=longer lasting soap​

Body Butter and Sugar Scrubs

Our Body Butter is with butters and other carrier oils. It is whipped to give it a soft and light texture. Body Butter will melt in warmer temperatures and harden in colder temperatures. This change in texture does not affect it's efficiency at all. If your Body Butter melts, simply place it in a cool place or your refrigerator until it re-hardens. If your Body Butter hardens, place it in a warmer area until the texture softens. 

Our Sugar Scrubs are also made with butters and oils. Change in temperature can cause the oils to float to the top of the jar or settle in the bottom. Simply give your scrub a quick mix to reincorporate the oils and butters with the sugar/salt. To prolong the life of our scrubs, please try not to get too much water in the product. We do include a natural preservative but less water is best. 

Face Masks

Our face masks contain dry ingredients that can be mixed with various wet ingredients to create different masks for all skin types. Some examples are:

·       Water and other Hydrosols like Rosewater or Lavender Water

·       Apple Cider Vinegar

·       Various Milks

·       Honey

·       Yogurt

·       Aloe Vera

·       Green Tea

·       Lemon Juice

·       Various Oils (Jojoba, Black Seed, Rosehip, Marula, etc)

The options are literally endless!

The basic recipe is 2 parts liquid to 1 part mask. You can add more or less liquid to preference.