Can you tell me more about your products?

​All of our products contain plant based ingredients and are cruelty free. We source all of our ingredients for US based companies. Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals or additives. All of our colorants and fragrances are body safe. Most of our products are vegetarian, not necessarily vegan, as our soaps and face masks may contain honey, beeswax, and/or milk. We do have a few soap bars that contain lard. A full list of ingredients is listed with each product. 

​Check out our About section to learn all about LU + VI. 


 Do you sell any products for men?

 We specifically design our products with women in mind, however, we like to believe that all of our products are unisex. However, we have teamed up with Elements4Men to offer a few of their products to our customers. To check out the full Elements4Men line go to www.elements4men.com. They have a full line of Men's grooming products from Beard Oil and Beard Butter to Face Masks and Body Lotion.

 I bought some soap but it doesn't lather like I'm use to. Is something wrong?

 Most commercial soaps use synthetic detergents and additives to give their products the bubbling effect. Our soaps and our body wash do not contain these ingredients. The lather that you will get will be more creamy due to the oils that are used. Don't worry, bubbles do not equal cleaning power. What you will get is gentle cleansing without the drying feel that you get from commercial soaps. 

 Wait, there's lye in your soap? I thought lye was harmful?

 All soap, commercial or handmade, must contain lye to be considered soap. Lye or Sodium Hydroxide is an alkali derived from salt water. When combined with oil it creates soap through saponification. No lye remains in the product after saponification. 

 How much is shipping?

Shipping is via USPS and calculated based on your location and weight of the package. We use both Priority Mail and USPS Ground Advantage. 

 How long until I get my order?

 Because we make every single item, processing time can be between 3-5 business days. However, that can change depending upon demand. Any change in our processing time will be notated on the front page of our website. 

During the Summer months, we only ship Body Butters and Sugar Scrubs on Monday, Tuesday, and before Noon on Wednesday. This is to ensure that your package, which is heat sensitive, does not sit at the post office or on a postal truck over the weekend. If you do purchase any of these items between Wednesday-Sunday, your package will not ship until Monday at the earliest. This is still within or 3-5 business day processing time. 

 I ordered a product awhile ago and I don't see it on your site anymore. Can I still get it?

Possibly. We have a set of permanent items and scents. We also have some limited edition scents. We release at least 4 limited scents per month and at least 2 limited scents per season. Please email us to see if we still have that scent available and we will be more than happy to make a batch just for you. 

What's the best way to use and care for your products?

Please see our How to Use section.